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Reverse Bariatric Surgery

Reverse Bariatric Surgery

Reverse Bariatric Surgery is a secondary method to get rid of the excess weight in the condition of obesity. Most of the people would successfully treat to lose their weight when they had undergone bariatric surgery.

But some of them didn’t seem to get any positive results just from the first step of bariatric surgery. They might need to treat with the Reverse Bariatric Surgery, which would reduce the excess weight, and it is referred to as second surgery.

What are the reasons to perform Reverse Bariatric Surgery?

People may get confused to get this second surgery when they had any of the following conditions,

  • The gastric pouch enlargement
  • Calories absorption found to be high in intestine
  • Damage in gastric band
  • Formation of a fistula between the pouch and bypass of the stomach
  • Damaged staples lead to pain in the abdomen, pelvic region, hiccups, fever, and increased heart rate.
  • Medical complications such as malabsorption, malnutrition, ulcer, anemia, bone disease, vomiting or nausea.

How to prepare yourself for the surgery?

Before undergoing this surgery the patients should get evaluated regarding their both psychological and physiological health.

Due to their high Body Mass Index, the patients should be checked with cardiovascular and respiratory system.

What are the types of Reverse Bariatric Surgery?

There are three types of Reverse Bariatric Surgery which are given below,

Gastric bypass revision surgery:

  • You may need to undergo this if you get a negative outcome due to the gastric bypass surgery.
  • The outcomes would be gaining weight or any other medical complications.
  • You will be instructed with the diet system by the surgeon to lose your weight.
  • You may experience various medical complications such as fistula, stricture, ulcer, or dumping syndrome.
  • The stomach pouch will become enlarged, which would result in weight loss and promotes the consumption of high calories food.

Lap band revision surgery:

  • The lap used during the operation may have slipped, failed, or eroded due to many reasons which would eventually prevent weight loss.
  • The position of this lap band can be corrected, and in a few people, it is better to remove the lap bands.
  • After removing the lap bands altogether, vertical sleeve gastrectomy can be performed. It is a reversible weight loss surgery that can be used in the weight loss process in patients.

Vertical banded gastroplasty revision surgery:

  • This surgery is also mentioned as a stomach stapling method.
  • Some people had been reported that they had not experienced any positive results of weight loss due to vertical banded gastroplasty.
  • Here, the staples used in the surgery should be replaced by performing the reversible banding surgery.
  • This utterly different process helps in promoting weight loss in patients.
  • According to the person’s health condition and the results of the surgery, the surgeon would recommend any of the above mentioned reversible bariatric surgery.

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