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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a standard method used in the process of getting rid of obesity. Here, the surgery involves the removal of part of the stomach. Then the remaining parts of the stomach are made together to form a new stomach, or it is also referred to as sleeve.

What is the procedure to perform Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The patient will be first given the standard anaesthesia to lose his or her consciousness.
It may take one or two hours to get the process completed.

Generally, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed by the laparoscopic method. The method is performed by making five to six small incisions in the abdominal region. The procedure is carried out by insertion some unique tools for the surgery along with a tiny little camera into any of these incisions.

The camera is used to monitor the pictures inside the stomach. While performing this laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery, about three fourth of the stomach would be removed. It is followed by leaving or attaching a narrow gastric tube or sleeve.

During this sleeve gastrectomy, the intestines are not removed or get bypassed, and they are left not disturbed.

How to prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Avoid smoking or using other products of nicotine or tobacco. You may need a huge change in your diet plan. Try to drink more water than consuming other beverages such as tea or coffee. It is important to maintain both of your physical and mental well-being before the surgery.

What are the expected outcomes of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The surgeon would recommend this surgery as the best idea to a person if his BMI (Body Mass Index) is about 40. After the surgery, the person may need to change their eating habits. During the first day, you will be provided only with clear liquid drinks.

As soon as you leave the hospital, you will be allowed to eat pureed foods and protein shakes, which would be continued for four weeks. While completing a month after the surgery, you may need to follow the instruction given below,

  • Chew the food entirely and thoroughly before swallowing it.
  • Avoid drinking while eating the food to avoid the stomach from being overfilled.
  • After consuming the food, drink liquid only after half an hour.
  • Don’t consume sodas and snacks, which are prepared with a high amount of calories.
  • Don’t forget to take vitamin and mineral supplements every day.
  • After three months, you can get back to your regular eating habits. And of course, you can’t eat a large quantity of the food as the effect of this surgery.

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