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Gastric Banding Surgery

Gastric Banding Surgery

The standard surgical approach, which is used in the treatment of obesity, is known as Gastric Banding Surgery. This type of surgical method is called as Bariatric surgery. With this surgery, though the person consumes only less amount of food, he would feel full. It is performed by the constriction of the stomach.

How to perform Gastric Banding Surgery?

The surgery usually includes the insertion of a silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach.

  • It may result in reducing the size of the stomach and the consumption of food.
  • Here, the surgeon will insert the band, which is attached to the thin tube in the upper stomach.
  • The tube will be controlled with the help of the port below the abdomen.
  • The port is used for inflation by injecting the saline solution.
  • The degree of constrictions around the stomach can be altered by the adjustments.
  • The band forms a small stomach pouch, and it is used to reduce the intake of food.
  • This may give the full feeling in the stomach, and the meal will be digested without any malabsorption.

How to prepare for Gastric Banding Surgery?

The diet plan would take a change before the surgery. Avoid consuming foods with saturated foods such as milk and its products, fried food and meat. You should not consume food which is high in carbohydrates and they are potatoes, bread products.

Avoid consuming beverages such as sodas or juices. Avoid smoking or consuming any other alcoholic drinks. Try to take protein supplements which are used in the protection of tissues in the muscle.

What are the results of Gastric Banding Surgery?

This surgery results in a person to lose his or her 35% to 45% of their excess weight. For example, if a person weighs about 100 pounds, he can lose about 35 pounds to 45 pounds after performing this surgery. But there will be variations in results depend on the person’s lifestyle, health condition, sex, and age.

If it is necessary, the procedure of this surgery can be performed even in a reverse manner. The stomach size will automatically get back to its standard size after some needed time.

The procedure leads to the highest failure rate, and so this is not a commonly treated surgery. This Gastric Banding Surgery has not reported interfering with the absorption of food. Hence, there are rare cases that are found to have a deficiency in vitamin after this surgery.

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