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Fistula Treatment

Fistula Treatment

A condition in which the tunnel runs from the internal part of the anus is known as Fistula. The anus is the part where the wastes are eliminated from the body in the form of feces. It occurs when the infection doesn’t heal for a long time.

What are the causes of Anal Fistula?

An abscess can cause Fistula. The fluid can be produced from the several glands present inside the anus. The blockage of this fluid may result in bacterial infection. An abscess is an infected tissue and liquid in the swollen part.

The abscess gets developed and may create a passage to the anus by creating a hole where the gunk (a sticky substance) can enter from outside. The tunnel passage used for creating an abnormal hole is called as Fistula.

What are the symptoms of Anal Fistula?

  • Pain, redness, and inflammation in the anus.
  • Bleeding
  • Fever
  • Release of pus from the hole formed near the anus

What are the methods to diagnose Anal Fistula?

Fistula probe is a long and thin tool that we inserted in the outer part of the Fistula. It can be used with a special dye to analyze the condition. Anoscope is another tool that is used to examine the anal canal.

The doctor will recommend some imaging methods such as CT scan or X rays. Sometimes, the patient may need to undergo a colonoscopy to detect the condition.

What are the treatments for Anal Fistula?

The anal Fistula cannot be treated with the prescribed antibiotics alone. They will somewhat reduce the bacterial infection but cannot cure it completely. The doctor may recommend any one of the following methods to treat the anal Fistula,

Fistulotomy:  Fistulotomy is the surgical procedure that involves the healing of Fistula from the inside out way. The process can be done in an outpatient way, and so the patient doesn’t have to get hospitalized after the treatment.

Seton placement: In this process, Fistula is treated by placing a suture or rubber band, which is referred to as Seton. It would heal the Fistula by tightening it slowly.

Fistula filled with special glue or plug: The inner opening of the Fistula is blocked by the special glue or plugin this process.

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