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Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

The condition in which a small hole or tunnel is developed in the skin is known as Pilonidal sinus. It would result in two forms, such as Pilonidal cyst or Pilonidal abscess. The gap or tube will be formed with the pus inside it. The appearance would be like a giant-sized pimple.
The combination of dirt, hair, and debris is collectively developed as the Pilonidal cyst. The pilonidal cyst is said to cause severe pain. This condition can easily get infected soon. In the time of infection in the cyst, the pus will be released from the hole, which would not have a pleasant smell.
The Pilonidal sinus can occur in all the persons irrespective of their gender. But it is considered that men who are sitting for a long time like drivers, watchmen, along with young adult students who happened to follow ‘not so healthy’ lifestyle can easily get affected by this health condition.

What are the symptoms of Pilonidal sinus?

  • Development of pain, redness, and inflammation in the spine bottom part.
  • Release of pus or blood from the cyst.
  • Foul or bad smell from the pus.
  • Fever and chills
  • Sensitive to the touch

What are the causes of Pilonidal sinus?

There are no shreds of evidence to prove the exact reason for the occurrence of Pilonidal sinus. But it was considered that the cause of this pilonidal sinus is due to the hormonal changes which occur after the puberty period. It is also due to the growth of excessive hair, prolonged time of sitting, and friction caused by the clothes we wear. Some People may also report to experience multiple sinuses at a time.

Some actions such as sitting and wearing clothes cause friction in the skin and make the hair which is growing in a particular area to get back to underneath the region of the surface. The immune system in the body considers this excess hair enters into the body as an Antigen. Hence it stimulates an immune response, which would result in the formation of a cyst around the hair.

How to prevent Pilonidal sinus?

The re-formation of Pilonidal sinus can be prevented by following some preventive measures. Don’t sit still for a more extended period.

It would be best if you washed the particular region with a mild soap properly daily. Wash the soap content thoroughly and make sure that the soap is completely washed off. Dry and cleanse the area properly with a clean cloth.

What are the treatments for Pilonidal sinus?

Medication: Sometimes, the doctor will detect the pilonidal sinus before the severe pain and inflammation in the skin experienced by the patient. In that situation, the doctor will be prescribing some oral medications, such as antibiotics. Antibiotic is used to treat the bacterial infection, which would reduce the discomfort.

Lancing: The process which weakens the effect of the pilonidal abscess and the collection of pus formation inside the cyst is known as Lancing. General anesthesia will be given before the treatment. With the help of a scalpel, the doctor will get rid of hair, pus, and blood inside it.

Phenol: Phenol is a chemical compound that is used as an antiseptic. The patient will be provided with the anesthesia before this process. The phenol is injected into the cyst to treat the Pilonidal sinus condition. It is not commonly used by doctors.

Surgery: If the Pilonidal sinus gets re-formed through one of the treatments as mentioned earlier are performed, the doctor will then suggested performing the surgery. The operation is also preferred when the person experiences multiple sinuses at a time.

The local anesthesia is given to the patient, and the incisions are made in the patient body. The pus, debris, and dirt will be removed through the incisions. Finally, the incisions will be stitched.

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