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Dr Aswini Kumar Myneni

Colorectal Surgeon

Dr. Aswini Kumar is a valued gastroenterology surgeon at Sunshine Hospitals. He has been associated with this institute for more than 6 years to date. And within this time, he has aided and treated numerous patients to a healthy life.

Dr. Aswini started his journey in the study of medicines from Andhra Medical College and completed his MBBS in 2004. Afterward, he chose Surgery as his specialty and completed his MD (Surgery) from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore in 2008. Later, he super-specialized in DNB GI Surgery from Global Hospitals.

While most surgeons go to practice right after they are licensed, Dr. Aswini Kumar had taken a different route. He completed his residentship first. But then, he spent some more time teaching a few batches of aspiring surgeons – he was an associate professor at ACS Medical College, Ramachandra Medical College from 2009 to 2011.

To date, he cherishes his time as an educator because he believes that this added time within the boundaries of a learning institute, gave him added knowledge on his subject and he could keep himself updated with the latest techniques in the surgery.

This learned-skill was soon put to use when he first started practicing in Global Hospital. As a practicing surgeon, he had initially assisted in many minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgeries. His assistance was appreciated in very advanced gastroentero-procedures as well. He has participated in the doctoral team for various liver transplants.

Soon enough, he was a favorable choice for patients who required any procedures related to bariatric and colorectal surgeries. He has served patients in Apollo Hospitals and now he is a cherished colorectal surgeon and a proctologist at Sunshine Hospitals.

His ever-learning nature has allowed him to find new ways of performing less-invasive surgeries. His techniques in Sleeve Gastrectomy are now adopted by many surgical experts which have rippled to give healthier treatment to more patients.

To date, he has kept his zeal for learning alive and shares his expertise in the forms of seminars, papers, talks, and conferences. He attends various CMEs and academic programs throughout the year. He presents talks in many ASI conferences on coloproctology. Recently, in 2019, he has presented a paper on Fistulectomy With Sphincter Repair at Proctology.

When it comes to medicine and surgery, one of the most important things for a doctor is to be updated on the ever-developing treatment options. And Dr. Aswini Kumar is an exemplary gastroenterology surgeon that way. He keeps himself updated, counsels young doctors to educate themselves, and do all that is required to ensure that each of his patients gets the best treatment that can make their life easier.

He has experience in operating on patients from various age groups and gender; patients of various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. He examines each of his patients personally and advises them on their best course of treatment. He follows the recovery of a patient all the way through and even beyond.

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